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About Us


Proudly Handcrafted in Texas Scentchips have been made by hand since 1979. We take great pride in crafting beautiful aromas that stand apart from the average melt. Scentchips are made using the finest ingredients and our exclusively blended wax. Every batch is made with our customers in mind, knowing the quality they expect from Scentchips. Our Create-a-Scent™ table allows for custom blending your own unique fragrance. Try Scentchips and experience our luxury wax melts which are making the world smell better…once chip at a time. -Tanya and Barry Clark


Scentchips is a family owned business which began in the creator’s garage. Four decades later, Tanya and Barry Clark are still 100% involved with all aspects of the company. They are proud to be handcrafting The Original Wax melt deep in the heart of Texas. Twenty years ago, the couple purchased the business from family members and their passion for fragrance hasn’t diminished. It has been a fabulous experience spreading home fragrance throughout the United States and globally. They have expanded into wax melt warmers, bath and body and essential oils.