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Business Opportunities


Family owned and operated since 1979, Scentchips® remains a leader in the home fragrance industry. In 2001, Barry and I purchased Scentchips® from family. I grew up working in the business - from pouring wax to promoting the brand at the international gift shows. Our commitment to quality and customer service has never wavered. We have kept a tradition of selling premium hand-crafted fragrances while staying current with industry trends.We are appreciative of the customers who have been with us for decades and the ones just now discovering Scentchips®. We will continue to innovate exciting new Scentchips® products, making the world smell better one chip at a time. - Tanya & Barry Clark


Hand-poured since 1979, Scentchips® uses premium fragrance oils and an exclusive soy-blend wax to create a truly luxurious product. From start to finish, we take great pride in every step of crafting beautiful aromas. Every batch is carefully inspected to provide our customers with an exceptional product and superior fragrance.


Our most popular wholesale line, our exclusive eye-catching table will draw your customers in immediately. One table holds 36 single fragrances, or add another table to expand to 72 selections. Your customers will enjoy creating their own unique blend from our array of fabulous fragrances. The Create-A-Scent™ table is an interactive and a great way to keep customers engaged. Scentchips® is happy to provide our top fragrances for your tables or you can choose from our more than 80 selections.


Scentchips expanded it's presence internationally over 25 years ago, starting with distribution in Japan and the UK. Scentchips is now distributed extensively throughout the globe, including New Zealand, Europe, the Philippines, and Canada.


Create an aromatic and colorful center of attention with Scentchips®. The Boutique Program allows Scentchips to customize a layout within your store which will optimize flow and attract new clientele. The Boutique Program qualifies you for special discounts on Scentchips® products and requires a minimum purchase of 3 displays. Our design team suggests starting with a Create-A-Scent™ Table, a display of warmers and a display of packaged fragrance blends. Our team is available to consult with you and create a planogram that works best for your location.


Make a statement with bold signage. high-quality Signs attract customers and create a lasting impression. Speak with a Scentchips® team member today about available signage.


Custom displays create a clean, cohesive backdrop for your Scentchips® products. Easy to assemble. Contact us to discuss which displays will best fit your store.


Become a Scentsational Store Owner! Scentchips® is looking for business minded people who are ready to join our growing team of stores. If you feel like this might be the right opportunity, we look forward to visiting with you. Please ask about specific territories, as availability is dependent upon location.

What can you expect from the Scentchips® Team?

From start to finish, our team provides you with comprehensive training, marketing support, and the benefit of expertise gained through years of retail experience. The Scentchips® Team will assist you with:

  • Site Evaluation and Selection
  • Store Design & Set Up
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Establishment of Your Scentchips Website

What does Scentchips® expect from you?

We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about the Scentchips® products and about representing the brand in their market. You have the potential to make Scentchips® a huge success in your area. You will be responsible for:

  • Investing in your initial stock of Scentchips® products - All Scentchips® products ship from our home office in San Antonio, Texas
  • Finding points of sale - Tapping your own network, participating in local events, partnering with other local businesses to promote each other, etc.
  • Promoting your web shop and mailing list - Signing up customers, telling customers about online promotions, etc.

What will your new store include?

  • Custom Displays
  • Scentchips Fragrances & Blends
  • Scentchips Sachets, Blendables and Gift Packs
  • Extensive Selection of Warmer
  • Marketing Materials

Contact us at 1-800-4SCENTS (472-3687) for product information, to place an order, or to find our how you can become involved with the original fragrance melt.